Search box for DataGrid

I am starting out with building out examples of useful pages.
The first was controlling logins, users and security. Things went well there.
I am now trying to build out a page with a datagrid with a search textbox. I've followed the video and code steps until I hear your voice in my sleep. lol
There were many spots in the video that did not match up exactly with the screens. I understand that the video is probably a lot older than the current version.
Following as close as possible I end up with Radzen errors compiling in Radzen. They look to be about empty strings in the generated filter code and references to grid0LoadData.
I have also seen an issue looking in the generated code (using VS2019) where there seems to be issues between the code referencing grid0 vs Grid0.

Do you have any updated video or code examples that I can use as a more current template?

Hey @mwechter,

The video is for Angular. Check these articles for Blazor:

Dear Enchev,
Is there a way I can do this filter work if I chose anything else than equal? It seems that if I chose ""Less than", the option will automaticlly go to Equals. Is there something I chossed wrong in Radzen?

You can check Radzen output pane or SQL profiler what SQL is generated. If you are using OData service the filter can be seen in your browser dev tools network tab.

I am currently looking for a solution this issue. Any updates?