Search back with magnifying glass please?

Before grid search option was magnifying glass but now magnifying glass is out. It little bit confusing. Could we bring back please?
Old grid search option

new Grid search option

Old one look like better than new one. Thanks!

Any additional info? What is the column type for these columns?

Its string and a number type of column but nowhere is showing magnifying glass. In number column its showing arrow but string filed nothing is showing.

Here is how it looks by default number and string filters (Numeric and TextBox components) in simple filter mode:

DropDown is used only for enums:

You have custom FilterTemplate for your columns?

Thank you so much for you reply. I'm using simple filter mode.
here not showing magnifying glass that I wanted. Old version has magnifying glass on search box. Thanks!

Indeed we don't have magnifying glass anymore by default for the new DataGrid component however you can place whatever UI is needed for your case in column FilterTemplate.