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I am heavily implementing the search as you type feature of the CRUD pages, which is a fantastic feature! My question is it possible to change it to search for "Like" items. I know there is a %% for filtering for like values, but I can't figure out how to incorporate it in the search as you type feature. If it's not possible in the feature, I totally understand, just thought I would pose the question.

By default search as you type in CRUD pages is implemented using Contains():

you can change it to some other built-in operation:

or you can create your own custom method with custom SQL to perform desired filter:

Yes, that I can do, but what I am looking for is to see if there is a way to search for items similar to search text. ie...someone searches for shawn, but types shaun or is looking for jon but types in john and I can get all similar items listed.

If not, not the end of the world, just posing the question.

I’m afraid I’ve never heard of such SQL query/functionality before.

It was a query from a client, just wanted to check, I hadn't either....

You might be able to achieve this in SQL using a SOUNDEX() function. For the example you have given: SOUNDEX('shawn') & SOUNDEX('shaun') will both return the same value. If you include this in a custom method as enchev suggests you should be able to use that to filter on certain columns. You could also use the DIFFERENCE() function to compare the soundex value for two strings.

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