Screen layout methods

Just as a suggestion, perhaps it would be more comfortable for the user to have the split methods screen in vertical mode. Horizontally you have to use the scroll a lot and it is not very comfortable...


Hi @Daniel_Diaz,

We don't plan to add such a change as it would decrease the horizontal space in both source code and design time.

Hi @korchev But the code is read vertically, not horizontally, so it doesn't have space. I don't propose changing it, but rather adding to the split the way to view it, vertical or horizontal, so the developer can choose which one seems more comfortable.

Hi @korchev,

Widescreen monitors are becoming more common. Many developers prefer this type of monitors. It is not very comfortable to work with horizontal design if you are working on complex pages or processes. Vertical design can be a good option.

I support @Daniel_Diaz in his suggestion. This feature will be on my wish list for RBS. I hope you get it yours.