School fee management system



  1. Create the Database
  2. Create Students table
  3. Create School Classes table
  4. Create Relationship between Students and School Classes table
  5. Create FeeRecords table
  6. Create Relationship between FeeRecords and Students table
  7. Create Payments table
  8. Create Relationship between Payments and FeeRecords table



  1. Create a folder to store the app
  2. Open Radzen Blazor Studio
  3. Create a new .NET 8 Blazor Web Application
  4. Give your application a name (SchoolFeeManager)
  5. Select Auto as interactivity mode
  6. Choose Fluent Dark as Theme
  7. Paste the full path to the folder you created in Step 1 Directory text box
  8. Click finish
  9. Once application is ready, click data tab
  10. Select MSSQL under create a new data source
  11. Copy the server name from SQL Server Management Studio and paste it into the SERVER textbox
  12. Leave authentication type as SQL Login
    13.Enter sa as username
  13. Enter the password for sa
  14. Select SchoolFeeManagerDB from Database dropdown
  15. Click Next
  16. Change name for configuration to ConData
  17. Ensure all the tables are selected under select which entities to scaffold
  18. Ensure cascade delete, entity framework query tracking and optimistic concurrency options are turned on.
  19. Click Next
  20. Under CRUD scaffolding, turn on generate pages for crud operations.
  21. Click Next
  22. Ensure you select all the entities under select the entities to generate pages for.
  23. Turn on all the options under configuration
  24. Select Filled under FormField variant
  25. Click finish
  26. Once the application is ready, click the run button to run it for the first time.
  27. Click on SchoolClasses link on the Navigation Menu
  28. On the school classes list page, click the add button
  29. Add a new school class record
  30. Repeat steps 29 and 30 until you are satisfied with the number of school classes you have
  31. Click on Students link on the Navigation Menu
  32. On the Students list page, click the add button
  33. Repeat steps 32 and 33 until you are satisfied with the number of Students you have
  34. I also demonstrated the sorting and paging capabilities of the RADZEN datagrid with the Students list page
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LESSON 3:Customization of Add Fee Record Page and Fee Record List Page

In this video, I change the number of columns displayed by the Student Dropdown datagrid to two (FirstName and LastName) on the Add Fee Record Page. I also customize the submit event of the Add Fee Record Page using Visual Studio and C#. I ensure that negative values are not inserted. I also ensure that if a student have not completely paid up a particular fee. Another fee record will be inserted into the database whenever partial payment is made. I also customize the Fee Record list page by ensuring that it displays Student FirstName and LastName columns

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