Scheduler says it can't find Add page

Hi. working with the Blazor Scheduler, and VERY closely following the example, mostly.

The scheduler shows, all fine, but when I added the code for the OnSlotSelect it tells me it can't find my 'AddReservationPage'. It doesn't throw an error, in fact it does nothing. I can set a breakpoint at the DialogService call and can view the EventArgs, but when I hit 'continue', it does - but nothing as far as the add screen shows.

  async Task OnSlotSelect(SchedulerSlotSelectEventArgs args)
    Reservation data = await DialogService.OpenAsync("Add Reservation",
        new Dictionary { { "ResDate", args.Start }, { "ResEndDate", args.End } });

    if (data != null)
      // Either call the Reload method or reassign the Data property of the Scheduler
      await ResEvents.Reload();

My AddReservationPage (at least part of it) looks like this:

@page "/AddReservationPage"
@using MauiApp1.Data;
@using Radzen.Blazor;
@inject Radzen.DialogService DialogService

Where "AddReservation" is my data model.I followed the instructions on installing Radzen and have everything else in the program.cs, .css, etc.where it said to put it.

Why is it telling me it can't find the AddReservationspage?

You need to use OpenAsync<AddReservation>()

Doesn't like that either.

AddReservationPage is the name of the actual razor component.

AddReservation is the data structure.

The error given is 'can't be used as a type parameter. There is no implicit reference conversion from 'MauiApp1.Data.AddReservation' to 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ComponentBase'

I'm missing something, but I don't exactly know what.

Then use AddReservationPage. The error is quite explanatory I think.

Which again takes me back to 'AddReservationPage cannot be found' error.

When the app is running, it doesn't throw an error when I click on a slot. It does nothing. I do know that it does hit the line

Reservation data = await DialogService.OpenAsync<AddReservationPage>("Add Reservation",
    new Dictionary<string, object> { { "ResDate", args.Start }, { "ResEndDate", args.End } });

when I try to step past this it says "your step-into request resulted in an automatic step-over of a property or operator...Do you want to continue being notified when an automatic step-over happens?"

I click 'Yes' and it returns to the scheduler page