Scheduler - Persist the display configuration

Changing the display mode and the start date of the scheduler does not change the 'SelectedIndex' and 'Date' properties in the scheduler @ref.

For example, if we include a tab on the form to change the view between a scheduler and a grid, when navigating between the tabs the scheduler view configuration is not persisted.

How to persist the scheduler display configuration (mode and start date) if we have a Tab on the form?

               <RadzenTabsItem Text="Scheduler" >
                    <RadzenScheduler @ref="@sheduler" Date=@date SelectedIndex=@selectedIndex >
               <RadzenTabsItem Text="Grid" >
                    <RadzenGrid @ref="@itemGrid">

This isn't supported at the moment. The RadzenTabs component renders the content from scratch every time hence any state is lost.

Thanks for the feedback.