Scheduler: move to date

Can I move the calendar-view to some specific date after the initial load?
I tried setting the defaultDate and .load() but there is no load.
Then I found .gotoDate( date ) in the documentation, but it doesn't seem to work too.
Did I miss something? Is it possible to move the calendar-view to a certain date after the initial load?

DefaultDate should be enough, for example:

UPDATE: Indeed if you want to move it runtime after the scheduler is loaded it will not work. We will update this thread with more info later.

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I noticed the calendar component got some updates, does this include any changes to this request?

Yes, changing the defaultDate property should now work at runtime.

I just tried to execute code on the change-handler of an DropDownDataGrid:

${this.schedulerEvents.defaultDate} = '2017-11-12T00:00:00Z';

Shouldn't this work?

No, this won't work. You have to data-bind the DefaultDate property to a page property and update the latter.

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