Scheduler is weird - no examples

I created a Schedule Template.
The I created a Page based on that Template.
When I go to the page, I see events properly scheduled according to StartTime/EndTime.

But when I scroll down, I seem to have a 2nd Month showing, also for March 2020 with no data on it.

Why 2 calendars of the same month?
Seems odd or buggy?

When Editing the Page, I'm confused still about Rows & Columns.
And does the size of the Row matter?
And Why was the Schedule inside a Column inside a Row?
I removed the Column and it looks the same.
And the calendar that has data, has day cells varying heights - real skinny when that day has no events.
(which makes the calendar look wonky)

Yet the calendar thats the Dup, and not filled with data, looks normal with each Day the same size.

The ways you guys have allowed for Theme Customization is awesome. I easily improved the colors off that awful white on teal event color.

  1. There is a bug in the Theme Editor, at least on the Scheduler page. Since there are lots of properties, you have to scroll the list. But you calculated the position of the color picker based on the wrong value. Once you scroll the list, its impossible on my monitor to fully see the picker for the bottom 2 items.
  2. Is there a way to change the Event Background in code - to assign colors based on the type of Event?
  3. How do I enable Hint text when hovering over an Event?

Thx!!! A++++. Enjoying this tool.