Scheduler Horizontal Display


I'm currently working with the Radzen Scheduler, and I'd like to have all my schedules available on the page, without having to scroll down. So I'd like to know if there's a way to display the scheduler horizontally, so to have the days on the left-side as rows, and the hours on top, as columns.
Is it possible?

Thank you

Hi @simonDelpey,

No, this is not possible. One cannot change the orientation of the views.

Alright, thank you @korchev for your answer.
So is it possible to reduce the height of the rows, so everything would fit in a single page without having to scroll? That would be a way to skirt the problem.
Thank you

The following CSS rule should decrease the height of the slots.

.rz-scheduler .rz-view {
   font-size: 14px;

Hello Radzen team,
i started to use the Scheduler and i would also love to use it in horizontal mode.

Are there any thoughts at your side to implement a horizontal mode?


Hi @Thomas,

No, horizontal display mode for the scheduler is not on the roadmap. Our efforts are concentrated on Radzen 3.0 and all other major development is postponed.

Hello Radzen Community So Can i Change the UI of day section so that i can show the time count above horizontally is that possible ??