Scheduler Events

I want a popover that means a tooltip on hovering over an event that is created in the scheduler. A tooltip with a button. I'm attaching an image and I want the same as shown in the image. can you please let me know is possible or not?

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did u find a solution for this?

I can't seem to find a way to do this ether. Anyone please?


I figured it out. @SumitRa @Andrew_Forkes


Course, you have to get the ElementReference working with it, which is a major pain. LMK if interested how.

I got you covered! With the new release there will be two new events that would allow you to add tooltips a lot easier:

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Sort of a similar issue, but probably a result of the design / standard, thus not fixable. Still, thought I'd ask - is there a way for a way to get event data for radiobuttons in a radiobuttonlist when the buttons are automatically generated from a (lookup) table? Trying to get MouseEntry events to set tooltips on the individual radio buttons.


@korchev you needn't reply. It looks like something like this would work:

@foreach (var item in EventsTypeForEventTypeFK)
    <input type="radio" id="@item.ID" value="@item.EventType" @onmouseenter="@(e => ShowTooltipWithHtml(e, item))" />
    <label for="@item.ID">@item.EventType</label>

Thanks anyway,