Scheduler Day View - Smaller Time Increments

Hello, I'm currently working on implementing an appointment scheduler in a Blazor Server app. Our client will need the time slots on the day view to be 15-minute increments instead of 30-minute increments. It seems SchedulerSlotSelectEventArgs is restricted to sending a "slot" as a 30-minute gap when it is sent on a day view, and when the component is used to add 15-minute appointments back-to-back, they get jumbled together.

Is there any functionality for changing what is considered as a "slot" in the day view, or is there a way of expanding the slots in the view so that four appointments can be stacked on top of each other?

Hi @m.culver,

This is not yet possible but will be with the next release thanks to the newly implemented MinutesPerSlot property:

<RadzenDayView MinutesPerSlot="15" TimeFormat="hh mm" />
<RadzenWeekView MinutesPerSlot="15" TimeFormat="hh mm" />

@korchev ,
Is this possible from the Designer? I didn't see a way without excluding the page and editing the razor.

Not yet but we will expose the property in the next release.

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