Scheduler appointment styling


Is there a way to change the style of the Scheduler Appointment item? I was trying to make it higher to host 2 lines of content.
I tried to override the .rz-event selector in my site.css file but the original styles always win.
I then tried to use the Content Template and applied the style from there but no, it's rendered inside the "rz-event" div.

You can see here below:

  • the default style
  • my try to override it from another css file. Failed as clearly visible from the strikethrough :slight_smile:

Which is the right approach for this styling needs?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Andrea_Migliaccio,

You can check my response to this thread: Is there a way to change Event high on scheduler?

Thanks, sorry for my duplicate but I haven't found the other thread otherwise I would have avoided to post mine!

BTW. As you mentioned in the other thread, forcing the height with the !important mess the layout and two appointment in the same cell overlap. At the moment I'll stick with my single line of content but it would be great if the scheduler component will offer more support for this kind of styling.