Save the URL as img source for HTML editor


I was wondering if it is possible to rather save the image url(azure blob storage url) as the source for images pasted/inserted in the HTML Editor?

I noticed it is currently base64, and with our application, there is a possibility that there can be multiple images, and with testing this causes slow rendering as it contains loads of characters.

Hi @MarkBerry99,

You can check the documentation which explains how to post files to a controller action.

Thanks for your feedback.

Already implemented the post files functionality.
Issue is afterwords.

This is how the data is saved to the db.

It contains one large base64 string. I would rather want multiple short urls pointing to my blobstorage as the img src.

Or is it something I am doing wrong?
If you need anything just shout! :slight_smile:

EDIT- I noticed this only happens when copy pasting from a word document that it saves as a base64 string. Other images seem fine.

Upload on paste happens only when the pasted data is a file. In your case it probably isn't - it could be raw HTML instead.