Save/Load Settings LoadData - Issue with demo

The demo page for Save/Load settings using LoadData is no longer functioning correctly for me.

The only setting that is being saved is PageSize.

All column properties, CurrentPage, and Groups are being reset after clicking the Reload button.

I also tried with a local copy of your repo and it is the same behavior.

Works normally on my end:

After clearing browser cache, your demo page started working again for me.

However I still can't get it to work locally. I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, clearing cache on all browsers. I can try modifying browser settings

Okay @enchev I tracked this down to a specific commit: 4.25.12

When I run your solution locally, version 4.25.11 and prior work as expected.
When I switch to version 4.25.12 and newer, it no longer functions correctly.
Tried Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
Clearing cache does not help either.

Our demo works for me normally both when I run it locally and from our website.