Sample OData Service source .net Core

I want to create an OData service, which I will later on run on a Kubernetes cluster.

I use the Nuget Package Microsoft.AspNetCore.OData 7.4.1 and Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore 3.4.1 in my project.

I'm struggling to find a good sample on how to create this service in .net Core (master detail, table with multiple lookup fields) so Radzen can consume it in the same way like it can use SQL connections.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @HansH,

Radzen itself can generate a OData service for you. Create a Blazor WebAssembly application and use your database as a datasource. Radzen will generate a OData service in the server directory.

You can also look for a tutorial online. For example this or this.

Thank you for the answer, but I can not find back the [HttpPatch] and other api ODataController methods.

I was aware of both links you mentioned, but they are not complete enough for master/detail or lookup fields.

the material at also helps, but for some unknown reason I can't update records in mu data model (I can Inset and Delete, bur not 'patch').

I had to update the Radzen GUI to be able to use the webassembly. My Bad; Now I have found it and will dive into it.

Thanks for the support.