Rz-navigation border

My knowledge of css is pretty weak, so if one could help me to make a smaller gap for PanelMenuItem and accordingly display more menuitems.

What css settings should I make to change this gap?

Hi @Djordje,

You can control the PanelMenuItem height via the custom CSS properties for padding by changing the values for top and bottom:

:root {
    --rz-panel-menu-item-padding: 0.75rem 1rem; /* shorthand values applied for [top & bottom] [left & right] */
    --rz-panel-menu-item-2nd-level-padding: 0.625rem 0.625rem 0.625rem 1rem; /* [top] [right] [bottom] [left] */

Note that each theme has its own values, so you need to adjust accordingly.

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