Run/debug with visual studio

i have created a project that runs from the radzen app or from the radzen blazor studio ctp but when i load the solution in visual studeio 2022 and try to debug i get a strange result.
it looks like it is running but the web browser cant connect to it.
its running iis express but seems like the ports or processes is wrong.

Such problems are usually typical for Blazor WebAssembly not server Blazor. You might need to check this article:

i will look but i think there is something that the rad tools are doing that has to do with this.
for example i had created a test rad app that worked fine in visual studio, later i deleted it and created my current app and it does not work with visual studio.
also i can create a blazor server app with visual studio and that works fine also.
so something in how vs is running the radzen app is not getting hooked up quite right.
after i check the doc i will dig more and see if i can find the problem and solution....
will post here in any case so i hope we can all learn from this...

well that was fun! i just found the fix to the problem, not sure how this happend but visual studio was set to debug IISEXPRESS.exe not the blazor app generated by RadZen tools!
so i was hitting debug expecting the .net app to be the target when it was attaching to IIS Express ....