Routing blocking an API call

Ok so I am working through trying to implement an OAuth authorization basically completely manually through .NET...

ANd I think i only have one thing stopping me right now... I am using the Discord OAUTH but when it redirects itself back to Radzen/Angular I get the Routing: No routes found error:

For example:

This url above would work on Postman, and respond with a nice JSON, but when it is done on the browser Angular interrupts and fails a routing.

Indeed the Angular router would try to match anything. Radzen is handling similar situations by processing the url before the router and then redirecting. You can check the generated code when OAuth or Azure AD seucurity is enabled for a datasource in Radzen - check the authorization services typescript files..

What I actually ended up doing to circuvent the issue is that I made a very simple HTML file with a javascript call to the API call I needed. it fixed the issue in this kind of hacky way practically intercepting the interception.