RichTextEditor Picture handling


we have 2 improvement requests for the RTE.

#1 it is currently not possible to select a picture. this makes it hard to understand where the "cursor" is and correctly delete an image

#2 resizing
it would be nice to resize the image somehow. if the picture could be selected, then maybe by dragging the selection box. or right-click -> resize -> 75% (keep aspect ratio)


Hi @RobertRo,

Unfortunately both are limitations of the built-in browser rich text engine which we cannot overcome without a custom implementation. About the second - we recently merged a pull request which allows the user to set the width and height of a picture from the insert dialog.

Hello, and i hope it's okay to reopen this old question.
Is there any recent improvement browser-side that could help with this situation?

  • #1 selecting the image should visibly show it's selected (1 pixel border?)
  • #2 resize option on selected image (when image is already inserted)

alternatively, if an image is selected in the editor, could a notification callback be triggered from the HtmlEditor component? this would allow me to show a custom slider in the UI to adjust size, and add the img width/height tags manually. Does "onselect" help me here?

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Hi @RobertRo,

I don't think any of those are supported as a built-in feature by browsers.

There isn't such a feature at the moment.