Rich-text editor

I implemented a custom component (following your custom-component documentation).
It works, but I have problems defining configuration-options for my component.
I know this doesn't fall under your part of the app-implementation.
But maybe you know a good example where this was done.

What I am implementing is Teleriks editor component for angular.

So maybe you know a good example of an telerik-component implementation or
you know a good example of an rich-text editor getting implemented (It's not that important which editor is used, maybe primeNG) ?

Can you provide more info about these configuration-options for your component?

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I found a demo that we did some time ago which shows how to use the PrimeNG editor. It is now in our Github repository.

You need to install a third party NPM package quill (npm install --save quill) and add its CSS files. Check the styles.css file as well as app.module.ts (where the PrimeNG Editor module is registered).

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Telerik provides a list of options for its editor and I have no idea how to set them:
What I am interested in is to configure the editor in a way in which it doesn't cut away parts of the html which should be loaded and saved (PasteCleanup).

Thank you, I will try that out as soon as possible.

Our Highcharts integration blog post shows how to set configuration properties.