Return filtered Users

Hi Guys,

A prosperous New Year to you, may Radzen be even more successful this year!

I have to filter my application users by some or other value, which happens to be an added on property.

The query builder in Radzen does not by default give a filter option for users, so there seems to be some catch. I tried adding a filter option manually but that is not working:


I started fooling around with my limited knowledge of ASP.Net and Blazor trying to add a function in the SecurityServices, with no luck so far.
....It seems as if ASPNetUsers does not support queries.

How can I filter the users?

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I wanted to show the users in a read only list, to do this I simply created a database view onto the AspNetUsers and then attached that to a grid. Now I can filter etc....

Thanks eskimorob, I will start looking at views.