Retrieving unique (distinct) values from a dataset to populate a dropdown in Radzento populate a dropdown using Radzen

I need to retrieve unique values from an invoke to populate a dropdown in Radzen UI. I know I can filter and sort but not sure where to provide the Distinct() clause to produce the correct linq query.

Here is an example with the first DropDown in our demo:

<RadzenDropDown AllowFiltering="true" AllowClear="true" 
  Data="@(customers.Select(c => new { CustomerID = c.CustomerID, CompanyName = c.CompanyName }).Distinct())" 
  TextProperty="CompanyName" ValueProperty="CustomerID"  />

Thanks for the response, I was thinking of your Radzen tool with the auto-generated code.

How would I go about making the change here to bring back unique values from the call to getMonitoredSystems

You can add for example custom method to return distinct values and use it with "Invoke Method" action: Invoke custom methods

Updated Radzen and that error went away.

Hi @enchev How it should Look insert the Code from Yours demo to custom metod? We have the same issue.