Retain selected row on refresh grid

I have generated a master/detail page. On the add/change/delete of a detail record I'm invoking this.grid0.callLoadData() to force the master grid to reload the data. I do this to reflect an update of the master record caused by a trigger in the database.

This works fine but I'm losing the selected row in the grid, which is not user friendly.

I've tried executing:
after the refresh but I can't get it to work. How do I retain the selected row after refreshing the grid?

This should work however you might need to execute it in LoadData Then.

This works for me with onSelect
The grid renders the selected record just fine, but if the selected record isn't on the first page i have to manually go there, can I jump to the page of the selected record too?

Hi @Moo,

There is no such built-in way.