Resx creation error with dropdowndatagrid


I have a problem with generated resx files when page contains a dropdowndatagrid with manually created columns. When I try to open the resx file, then I get this in visual studio:


My razor code looks like this:

            <RadzenDropDownDataGrid AllowClear="true" AllowFiltering="true" AllowSorting="true" Data="@getAspNetUsersResult" style="width: 100%" TextProperty="UserName" @bind-Value="@(autojob.JOB_EXECUTED_FOR)" ValueProperty="Id" Name="DropdownDatagridUser">
                <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="UserName" Title="Name">
                <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="eEvolutionLogin" Title="eEvolution Login">

What you can see is that there are no Text-tags for those columns which in my opinion is the reason for the problem, because during build there are a lot of these warnings: warning MSB3568: Der doppelte Ressourcenname "" ist nicht zulässig. Der Name wird ignoriert. which in english means: The duplicate ressourcename "" is not allowed. The name will be ignored.

I have to delete all manually created columns in all dropdown datagrid to get a well created resx file.

Is this known somehow and could you please have a look at it?

Best regards


Hi @FrankWuttke,

There are duplicate key names in the resx file. You don’t have to delete it, just open it with the plain text editor and add unique keys.

Hi Enchev, thank you for your quick reply.
resx (5.3 KB)

Yes there are duplicate key names but their value is "" (empty string), which is generated automatically. Those two strings are empty because they do not have a Text tag in razor file. And because razor file is generated by Radzen it will always be generated again in that false manner.

I hope I could make clear what I mean.

I have included a zip with three files. The first file is " (ok).resx" which is the working resx-file. Then I added two columns in dropdowndatagrid named "DropdownDatagridUser". You can see this in the second file which is the generated razor file from Radzen. After I added those two columns in Radzen IDE I cannot open the resx file any longer because of the two columns which don´t have a text tag/name. This you can see in the third file called " (not ok).resx".

Could you please have a look at that?

Thank you and best regards


Thanks for the clarification @FrankWuttke! The problem is fixed and the fix will be part of our next update tomorrow. Make sure to delete the resx files in order Radzen to regenerate them - btw. Radzen will overwrite only the default culture resx and the resx files for other cultures will be generated once. You can also use application ignore list to specify is some resx file should not be overwritten.

Great, thank you vor your quick help!