REST API support

Great to have now the support for Rest APIs in Blazor Studio as well!

I really liked the integration of Swagger in the former versions of Radzen where I only had to use the Swagger URL and everything has been created automatically.
Now, I have to add every route/method by hand. Why is this not possible in Blazor Studio?

It is just a question for my understanding.

Thanks, Markus

There was dedicated Swagger data source in Radzen IDE and there will be such in Radzen Blazor Studio. We will do our best to add it before the end of the year however cannot commit to any specific release date.

Good news :slight_smile: Thank you :+1:

@YnotBetter you may want to check this page out Roadmap | Radzen Blazor Studio

they keep that updated as they work on the updates.....

You are right. I really apologize the always good and transparent roadmap of Radzen. My fault that I don't had a look upfront. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

we all have our moments... more than one time i started asking here and then saw that i had the solution when i took a second look...
i am looking for the OData support to come in, i have several things that i use OData for....
so i keep checking for any news on that part....

if you have not seen it check out this

Adding a little Swagger to OData | Microsoft Learn

and this:


OData is a very cool way to get hooked up to your data and not need to make hundreds of one off api methods.....