REST Api (POST Method)


I am trying to POST some data through REST web service, but every time i put some data got an ERROR 500.

GET method is working fine, but i don't know how to setup POST method.

JSON shuold be like:

"warehouseId": "4",
"items": [
"code": "1234",
"name": "product1"

Thanks all !

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Hi @Veljko_Dudukovic,

You should add some parameters to your method. Click the "+" button next to Parameters.

Hi @korchev ,

I saw that, and i am trying but without success.
I put one parameter only to catch some response.

Here is postman request which is working.

What i am doing wrong ?


I can't really tell. Check your browser's network tab to see how the HTTP request that the app makes looks like.

Here is service code which is not working:

And here is code which is working (response 200):

I changed in service that

Well this explains it - your parameter definition is not correct. It should be an object with warehouseId property and not an integer.

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i thought that object will be generated automatically from parameters, but i was wrong.

So for everybody who will need this, let make it simple:

  1. Inside Data => Edit Data Source create object with type (int, string etc...)

    2.Create method with name and choose type you creted in previous window.
  2. Call created method from Radzen (buttonClick example)

Thanks !