Responsiveness with CRUD Screen for lots of fields


In my application I have 2 particular CRUD screens that have lots of fields. One has 112 fields and the other 170 fields. When the Add button is clicked, for the 170 fields page, it takes approximately 6 seconds to the page to display. Since it's a Add not data is being retrieved from the API so the 6 seconds is all of displaying the page.

In the page when I select an item from the dropdown list, it takes approximately 2 seconds to complete the selection and close the dropdown.

Additionally if a value in a field is updated and I tab to the next field, it takes around 1 second to tab to the next field. If no value is entered and I tab, it's very responsive.

Also, when the Add button is clicked, there is approximately a 2 second pause before the IsBusy is activated. There are only 15 Required Validators so that shouldn't be the cause of the pause

Short of breaking the screens up, is the something I can do to make the screen more responsive? The rest of the screens that don't have lots of fields are very responsive so any suggestions much appreciated.

Hi @kirank,

In Blazor more components means bad performance:

Not sure if you need all 170 fields on the add page - this forces your app user to enter 170 inputs. If you still need them you might think to separate the input in Tab component on different pages - in this way only the active tab components will be re-rendered on page state change.