Reset Password

The login component contains a option called "AllowResetPassword" which shows the "Reset Password" link on the login screen, however unlike the other option "AllowRegister" which shows the "Sign Up" button and contains a built-in page and event, the "Reset Password" does not have either a built-in page or event.
Is there any code available to make the reset password button work?
I can see on the forum that some of you have implemented this feature.

I appreciate any help to get this process working.

Many thanks

Hi @Dominic_Lallemant,
the login page has a login component which has an event ResetPassword


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Is there a sample out there of a fully working password reset function implemented with all the screens and everything .
Thanks for your help

Not sure if there is an example. If you generate the login page via security menu after enabling email confirmations using default provider it puts in a generic handler which you can customize.

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