RequiredValidator not working properly with DatePicker

Hello Radzen Team!

This is a complicated explanation, so I'll add some pictures.

My TemplateForm is as follows:

The + button opens the CreateDocument dialog:

After creating the new document, it is programmatically selected from the dropdown:

Now it's time to complete the form:

As you can see the DatePicker RequiredValidator is not validating correctly in this particular case. This only happens if I create a new Document and then overwrite the object who's property is binded to the DatePicker value. Also the RV becomes visible as soon as I select a value in the DatePicker, not when I submit the form by clicking the save button, which I cannot do of course because of it.
Everything works as normal if I just select an existing document and then complete the form. The DatePicker RequiredValidator only shows up when I submit the form and there is no value in it. Down below there are some more configs.

The button Click event is the following:

The DatePicker properties are set like this:

And its RequiredValidator is as shown below:

Did some testing and indeed by overwriting the form object it breaks the DatePicker RequiredValidator.
I added a Test button just to bind the personDocument to a new one, and managed to replicate the error:

The Text button's Click event:

Hi Kim,

Could you send us a sample application which reproduces the problem to

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