Required Validator not working for text box

Hello Radzen team,
Required Validator is not working for text box. The component associated is a non nullable string value. Any help in getting it to work would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

Can you provide more info how the TextBox component is bound?

You seem to be missing a RadzenTemplateForm component. It is a mandatory requirement for Blazor validation. All validators and components should be put inside a RadzenTemplateForm and its Data property should be set.

@korchev Okay got it. I had removed the template form as the default form view was saving any field change even without clicking the save button (which by default is not even wired to save). I looked at the events for the form in the hope of removing the event but the events exposed was not doing any update.

Since I wanted to do the save only on button save, I went this route. I will try adding the template form manually and see .

Thank you.