Request: RadzenDataGrid support for multiple rows in insert state


I would like to request the addition of a feature that allows the insertion of multiple rows into the DataGrid. This modification primarily involves changing the internal variable from TItem itemToInsert to IList<TItem> itemsToInsert and changing the logic accordingly.

In my use use case, users have the option to add multiple rows, all of which are initially in edit mode. Subsequently, users can choose to save or cancel the edits on each individual row. Additionally, there is a button to save all rows in editing. The save-all button determines whether each line can be saved or needs to be canceled. Although most of this functionality is in working order, there is an internal issue within the grid.

The problem arises when cancelling the edit on a row that was inserted (but is not the latest one to insert). In this scenario, the row removes the edit state but remains in the grid instead of being removed (as in the case for the latest row to insert, which is removed on cancel edit).

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hey @ENeMy235,

You can directly contribute desired change! We accept pull requests!