[Request] Per Page Themes

The ability to change themes based on what layout/page you are on can be quite ideal depending on the general layout of the page. I would love to see this in the application as right now it is something that we need and I can potentially see others wanting in the future as well.

Hi @Damian,

Not sure how this could work as the theme CSS file is included in the index.html file of the application which is reused in all Angular pages.

I had noticed while looking for an alternative that there was this post: Humanistic and Software themes?

The gif seems to show the ability to switch the theme based on a drop down prompt.

Hi @Damian,
I think that is using the blazor version which you can access the online version at https://blazor.radzen.com/
The source files are also available https://github.com/akorchev/blazor.radzen.com