Reports in radzen

Hello All,
I am new to Radzen and very interested.
I found nothing about Reporting. How do i create and open a report (or PDF) in radzen?

Kind Regards

Hi Thomas,

At the moment Radzen doesn’t offer any reporting capabilities or PDF generation. This is not the first time this has been requested though and reporting is definitely on our radar. Could you please share with us your needs? Are you already using some reporting solution? Would you like to continue using it and integrate it with Radzen? What are your PDF generation requirements? Answering those questions would help us a lot.

Best regards,

Hello Atanas,
i takes a while to come back to radzen but now we start working with it.
Because of the report implementation… we will soon test it.


Hello Korchev, we have the same need to integrate a reporter with Radzen, in other applications developed with other tools we use Stimulsoft a good report generator and easy to integrate with Angular, will it be possible to integrate it with Radzen?

If it works with Angular you can use this approach:

More info: