Reporting with Radzen

Does Radzen have a methodology for reporting on the horizon? I am currently using Visual Studio Lightswitch with an integration with SSRS and it is working very well. I do need a more future-proof solution going forward especially given Lightswitch and Silverlight is now dead. If I could simply open a URL and pass parameters to it that may work but Security is a concern with that when I want to limit data access. I’m very interested in Radzen and it seems to have some great reviews from other previous Lightswitch users but reporting is critical in my applications so I’m not sure it would be of use to me yet.



Hi Josh,

Reporting is a a feature with a huge scope. I would say bigger than Radzen itself :slight_smile:
When people asked us in the past about reporting features we’ve recommended using existing reporting solutions. Usually there was something people were already using and happy with.

Having said that I think SSRS would be possible to integrate with Radzen. Opening a URL with parameters is doable. You however expressed some concerns about security. Could you elaborate on that? Perhaps there are ways to mitigate the risk.

@joshwilliam we started a research about possible integration of SSRS with Radzen. Will update this thread once we have progress.

Hi Josh,

We've made new component SSRSViewer that can render Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports. All you need to do is to specify ReportServer and ReportName:

Is this what you are looking for?

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Amazing yes this is what I was looking for. How do you handle required report parameters? The concern for the security side of things is if you have users who only have access to specific data in the application yet report parameters are specified via the URL one could simply change the parameter ID or value in the URL and access data they would not normally have access to depending on how the data sources are specified for the report server. Some report servers have dedicated access accounts to access data and do not impersonate the user credentials.

I have used the now defuct Spursoft SSRS extension for Lightswitch in the past. It could generate the report and present it in the app while hiding the URL details.

There are definitely ways around the issue and to simply have access to the SSRS reports to begin with give me great hope for this as a true replacement for Lightswitch.

Thank You!


Report parameters are handled via the Parameters property - it accepts Name and Value.

I think we can also achieve hiding the URL by creating a proxy custom controller which will make the HTTP requests to the real report server. The report viewer component will point to the controller.

In that controller one can pass user specific parameters or required ones without exposing them to the end-user application.

The number one thing I think you want to do for security is pass the parameter of the currently selected user name from the server-side code directly to the report server.

Also, you may want to take a look at the Reporting articles on because they show how the other vendors handled security.

We’ve officially released the SSRSViewer component now. There is also a way to use a proxy (a ASP.NET Core controller) which allows to pass custom (or hidden) report parameters.