Reporting in radzen

We need to create 40+ complex reports how to do that using radzen?

I am hosting on azure and due to sand boxing I was unable to get any pdf report creator to work. The only solution was to use SSRS which requires an nee VM running MSSQL. Ended up being an expensive solution for my needs.

Fast report was suggested to me as a report righter but it doesn’t work on azure.

I’d be very interested if you find a solution.


Exactly I am trying to avoid this. Checking options this week. UI/UX good with radzen, need complex reporting tool at good cost.

Hello @Ami_Loh,

I don't know this information will useful or not, I have simple github project, that demonstrating RDLC call from Blazor server and downloaded as PDF. The project CRUD generated using Radzen IDE.

The idea are:

  1. create RDLC using WinForms .NET Framework
  2. copy paste the .rdlc file to Blazor server project at wwwroot
  3. download the .rdlc as pdf, by duplicating the process of download csv / excel from radzen.

this is the link if you want to see the details:

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thanks for this. Do you happen to know if this works when its hosted on Azure? I'm a novice coder at best so anything i do takes ages so before i chase this rabbit i wanted to check if it will solve the Azure sandbox issue?

thanks John

Hello @johnmu,

Interesting question. Usually I host my web app on Azure VM like link below:

and everything is working fine.

And then, I just try to upload to Azure App Service like link below:

and everything working fine also:

But, I have some notes when upload the project to Azure app:

  1. target runtime: should be win-x64. If use portable or win-x86 it will fail.
  2. Azure app should be manually change to 64 bit from the portal. note: azure app free version did not provide 64 bit, only 32 bit.
  3. when uploading to azure, there will be error because by default MS Build can not find the: Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common.dll, Microsoft.ReportViewer.ProcessingObjectModel.dll, Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms.dll, Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll at \Bin\amd64 so we should copy paste those file manually to that folder. The detail about this can be read on stackoverflow:

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I am following your instructions but I am confused about the DLL files I need to copy, I did not copy any files. I have deployed my app to Azure via Radzen App and the report downloads as expected. I did not have to do anythign with the four DLL's you mention.

The only problem i have is that the report has no data in it only the table headers but unless I am mistaken I think that's a problem between the report definition and the dataset I create.