Reporting Control in Radzen Studio

I was excited to see an SSRS report control in radzen studio. But SSRS reports are painful and buggy most of the time. I saw also a post here on community forum hinting to use FastReport Open source and implement a custom controller. Well, I am a no coder and proud ! means I do all my apps in Radzen Studio. Is there any chance to implement a FastReport or Telerik Report control in Radzen Studio? or perhaps build your own ?

Building our own reporting solution will probably not happen. We may consider integrating another report viewer component in the future (not happening any time soon though).

Well that's a bummer!
gotta find a work around or another RAD tool.
Thank you for responding though :slight_smile:

Hello @hany , in my opinion you dont need another RAD tool, @korchev it's right. to build a report solution it's a huge task. my advice it's to use fastreport with radzen. it's very simple and superfast. if you want , let me know what are exactly your needs and I can try to send you a Radzen example to create reports with Fastreport. I tried many others competitor. and I can tell you honestly. that only with radzen you can generate reports with almost no code. best regards Leo.


I have been plugging away at this for a while now and offer these thoughts:

Fast report had a nice wysiwig report builder but it’s not in my experience that easy to work out exactly how to use it. And it gave me enormous problems in visual studio.

Then there’s the other major issue which if you, like me, are hosting this on azure apps. I’m developing this so I’m using the azure FREE setting and guess what most pdf report writers don’t work, Azure blocks them. You have to upgrade and even then only a few do.

This is the feedback I got from Microsoft today.


App Service Plans and Sandbox Limits

In the context of the sandbox, the limits which apply may depend on the type of plan in which your application runs.

This usage pattern does not work for Free/Shared plans due to the sandbox. However, a small set of APIs are opened for use in Basic+ plans; these APIs are designed to enable SQL Reporting framework creation of PDFs. So these libraries should be usable for PDF generation in Basic+.

However there are some limitations.

Unsupported frameworks

Here is a list of frameworks and scenarios that have been found to be not be usable due to one or more of the restrictions above. It's conceivable that some will be supported in the future as the sandbox evolves.

PDF generators failing due to restriction mentioned above:

· Syncfusion

· Siberix

· Spire.PDF

The following PDF generators are supported:

· SQL Reporting framework: requires the site to run in Basic or higher (note that this currently does not work in Functions apps in Consumptions mode)

· EVOPDF: See for vendor solution

· Telerik reporting: requires the site to run in Basic or higher. More info here

· Rotativa / wkhtmltopdf: requires the site to run in Basic or higher.

· NReco PdfGenerator (wkhtmltopdf): requires subscription plan Basic or higher

Known issue for all PDF generators based on wkhtmltopdf or phantomjs: custom fonts are not rendered (system-installed font is used instead) because of sandbox GDI API limitations that present even in VM-based Azure Apps plans (Basic or higher).

Other scenarios that are not supported:

· PhantomJS/Selenium: tries to connect to local address, and also uses GDI+.


I have given up and gone back to SSRS on an azure vm.

Trying to generate pdf reports has been the most time consuming part of this learning curve by a country mile.

Good luck.

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Hello @keter83 !
I really appreciate your offer to help. If it is that simple, would you consider making a video tut and posting it here for everyone ? Thanks.

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sure , I will try to prepare it in these days.


Great idea.
Very interesting to put in the group other options to build reports for Radzen.

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Awesome! looking forward to it.
I wonder how you will pass parameters to it already :grin:

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Is there anything new on this topic?

Have you looked at Syncfusion PDF
Simple to use in Radzen and well documented (mostly). PDF report is generated thru code rather than using a banded report editor.
A free community version is available subject to criteria.

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I just saw this post and thought I would share some of my experiences with SSRS reporting:

For report development, I use the Report Builder stand-alone application. Visual Studio has had the capability to develop reports for many years, including VS2022, though I have limited experience with it.

In my environment, I do not use an SSRS report server to render the reports for viewing on a web application, and then to export in various formats. For those who wish to render/view on the web, the existing report viewer control from Microsoft only works with .NET Framework/WebForms. Microsoft does not provide a .NET Core web control for Blazor. (Thank you Radzen!)

All my reports are locally rendered, where I create output files in various formats directly using the Local Report control. For those not familiar with the Local Report, it has been around since 2010:

The same issue exists with the Local Report control, in that Microsoft does not provide one for .NET Core. There is a control that I have been using successfully:

Using this control, I create reports in these formats: CSV, Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, and Image(.tiff).