Render after OnInitializedAsync

Im having trouble with page loading before my custom code in OnInitializedAsync is executed.

How do i make the page wait to render until OnInitializedAsync is done?

And if anyone know if it is possible to create an own Authorize attribute with custom Authorization?

As far as I know this isn't possible. This is why all Radzen Blazor components have a Visible property - you can set it so the component does not render until all data is properly initialized e.g. Visible = ${data != null}

I don't think this is possible either.

I thought radzen did a visable style on a div so anyone can set that to true in the inspector but when i think about it that could not be the case. Thanks alot for the fast answer!

Is it possible to set the Visable property on the whole page through the Radzen IDE?

I am afraid not. The page itself does not have a Visible property - only the Radzen components have it.


This have a Visable property, but this i cant access in radzen IDE, right?

Indeed, this isn't available as a component in Radzen.

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