Renaming pages

Hello Radzen team,
i am changing page names from englisch to german. The page names are in englisch and i cant do the change in i18n.

e.g. this page must be called "AVV Katalog". I must rename most pages because of the "s" at the end. No problem so far...
But while renaming pages there are several problems. I already have a report page called "AVV Katalog". Now i canot rename Avv Schluessels to AVV Katalog because there is already a page with that name. After changing the page name to AVV Katalog Radzen shows errors. For sure... its a double page name. I change the Name to "AVV-Katalog". Again errors. i restarted Radzen... now i cant select the AVV-Katalog page in Radzen and get still errors.

(cant select page "AVV-Katalog")

There is a problem with renaming pages in Radzen.
And at least i dont know how to have more than one page with the same page title "AVV Katalog". One page for the datagrid and one for the report. Perhaps its a good idea to have a property for the page title instead of using the page name for this!?


Hi Thomas,

Let’s continue in this thread:

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Hi Vladimir,
Ok :slight_smile: