Rename Page Security does not exist


I have renamed some pages and although it works fine at run time , in the navigation bar in design time I get the error "The Name 'Security' does not exist in the current context.

I'm not sure what I'm missing as I have done this previously an after moving to edit another page and then coming back to the page this error message goes.

all thoughts welcome

Hi @Bill_Bates,

Are the pages renamed or just the panel menu items text is changed? Can you send us this application to check what’s going on?

Hi @enchev

Annoyingly the "issue" has gone on my application and the "error" message has gone. I guess this could be down to a recompile or just opening and closing the app.
I have seen this "issue" a couple of times, if I can replicate it perhaps using the northwind database I will send you a copy and how I got to the problem
Intermittent issues are always the tricky ones !

ps Love Radzen !!!

Hi ,
Just to confirm this issue on this topic, I have had the same experience .

  1. Just rename a page that was included in the menu and also added a role to the authorization on the page while renaming.

The pages shows "The Name 'Security' does not exist in the current context."

After closing Radzen completely and opening and running the application fixes this issue on design time .