Remove increment decrement arrow

I am using DataGrid with Form screen where I want to remove increment and decrement arrow in the text box

is their any option to remove

Such arrows are available on Numeric component only - you can use normal TextBox or even input type=“number” if you don’t want them.

I think the option to not show the increment arrows is VERY important.

If I want the user to input a numeric only for something like an ID or a PIN number the arrows are useless.

The option to use a normal Textbox or input type="number" means, I have to do additional validation and styling. The reason to use Radzen is so you dont have to do this!

Please consider adding this feature

I agree, this would be a very helpful feature. Currently, we are creating a string property on our models that handles the conversion, something like this:

public int OriginalLand { get; set; }

    public string LandString
        get { return OriginalLand.ToString("N0"); }
            if (!int.TryParse(value, out int retVal))
                //ToDo: //log it
            OriginalLand = retVal;

I’ll repeat my previous answer.

Where can we set this "input type" property , could you point this out .. without repeating yourself :slight_smile:

You mentioned: you can use normal TextBox or even input type=“number” if you don’t want them..

stuck on this sentence : OR even input type="number" if you dont' want them

Where is this property "input type" for the numeric component

It’s a HTML component not a property:
<input type=number />

You can also try your browser inspector to check what classes are used by the component and hide what you want. For example ui-spinner-button:

Ok , thats clear,
the change wil effect the whole application when changes applied to the classes .