Reload Razor page Datagrid from other Page

I have following razor pages:

When a user click Import button, the import software razor page shows up, it creates a new record and save it to DB.
The software Management page has softwareManagement.razor and softwareManagement.razor.cs,
and import software page has addSoftwareItem.razor and addSoftwareitem.razor,cs file,
when OK button is clicked in import software page, the new record saves to DS by OnSubmit() function in addSoftwareitem.razor,cs, My question is how to reload Software management page DataGrid in softwareManagement.razor.cs by using the OnSubmit() function in addSoftwareitem.razor,cs if it is successfully save new data to DB.
This uses one function in a class to call another function in a different class, how can I achieve this.
I spent a lot of time to try the methods suggested in the forum, but did not get them work for me.
Thank you for help!

Hi @jzhu,

Simply put you cannot call a function from another Blazor page. What you can do instead is handle the Then event of your Open Dialog action in Radzen and put your refresh code there.

This can be achieved using Dialog service

 var result = await DialogService.OpenAsync<DialogItem>($"Dialog Name", null, new DialogOptions() { Width = $"{800}px", Height = $"{800}px" });
            if ( if (Convert.ToBoolean(result) == true))
                await Grid.Reload();

OK/Cancel on Dialog should have click event

Click="() => dialogService.Close(true)"