Refreshing Validation Summary w/RadzenSelectBar

I am using a RadzenSelectBar with a "ValueChanged" setting.

In the method that "ValueChanged" refers to, I'm setting some Boolean values to toggle Visibility of RequiredValidators on the form. At the end of this method I call EditContext.Validate().

I am also displaying a ValidationSummary on the form.

Unfortunately, when clicking the RadzenSelectBar, the ValidationSummary doesn't update with changes to enabled/disabled validation. I still see the prior Validation's messages.

I have to click the SelectBar twice to get the ValidationSummary to update correctly.

Is there some way I can trigger the ValidationSummary to update correctly?

To add, I am using a RadzenTabs component and some of the Validators are on multiple tabs.

I notice that the Validation messages will update when I try a Form Submit, is there some way to trigger whatever causes this when the SelectBar is changed/clicked?

There is a chance ValueChanged is too early. You can try the Change event instead. ValueChanged is used internally by Blazor to support two-way data-binding.