Refreshing an accordion in Blazor

How do I refresh the alert accordion when the underlying filter is changed? If the accordion is collapsed, this works fine, but if the accordion is already open, it doesn't refresh without collapsing and reopening.

<div class="container-fluid">
    <div class="row" style="min-height: 200px;">
        <div class="p-3">
            <RadzenAccordion Multiple="true" >
                    <RadzenAccordionItem Text="Clients" Icon="face" Style="background-color: lightblue" Selected=@(sectionToOpen == "Client") >
                        <ClientGrid OnAlertFilterChanged="AlertFilterChanged"></ClientGrid>
                    <RadzenAccordionItem Text="Alerts" Icon="notifications" Style="background-color: lightblue" Selected=@(sectionToOpen == "Alerts") >
                        <AlertsGrid ClientId="clientId"></AlertsGrid>

int clientId {get;set}
string sectionToOpen = "Client"
protected async Task AlertFilterChanged(int clientIdToFilterOn)
clientId = clientIdToFilterOn;

I'm afraid I'm not sure what is alert accordion.