Refresh parent datagrid on child update

Hoping someone can help with this. I have a data grid containing summary data that depends on an additional (child) table. This child table is included as a master detail using the edit template facility.
The data in the parent table consists of two calculated columns based on data in the child table.
When edits are made to the child table, a Refresh() call ensures the data is displayed correctly. This is followed by a call to refresh the parent to ensure that data is also correctly displayed in that grid.
I can see that this second refresh invokes the appropriate SQL, and that a manual query of the database confirms that the query returns the correct data, the parent grid on the page does not reflect this. A full page refresh of the page will show the data correctly.
I am guessing that this is some sort of caching issue? However, having tried many (many) combinations of commands I have been unable to crack this one.
Any ideas out there?
Many thanks,

Hi @Graeme_Atkinson,

You’ve hit most probably EF caching, check this thread for more info:

Perfect! Many thanks for this pointer - solved my issue.