Refresh page doesn't work

Something is wrong with URLs after the manual deployment - no one page can be refreshed and when the session time is over - the application shows 404 page. What is wrong?

This is the default behavior of the Angular router - when the user refreshes their browser a server request is made to the current URL which however doesn't exist on the server. The solution is to setup a server-side 404 handler to return the index.html file when the path is not known. Radzen does it like this for applications that have server-side component:

app.Use(async (context, next) => {
   await next();
   if (context.Response.StatusCode == 404 && !Path.HasExtension(context.Request.Path.Value)) {
       context.Request.Path = "/index.html";
       await next();

Can this setting be included automatically in the server code generated by Radzen? Or it is a "pro" feature? Why does it work during development..?

This server code is automatically generated by Radzen and is not a "pro" feature. If you have deployed the server-side code as well as the client-side it should work as expected.

It works in development because then the Angular application is served by the Angular CLI server which has built-in support for handling 404 and redirecting to index.html.

Hm, that's the problem - I use the code, generated by Radzen, the only point is that my IT guy deploys it on a Linux server. But he does not change it definitely. So, what else could affect it? Or how to check the deployment?