Refresh grid after post via dialog

I have the following use case:

  • a data grid shows some records
  • I used the “selected row” property to set a property
  • I open a dialog with the properties of the selected rows
  • I save the changes

until now, everything works fine

I have another “then” after calling my api with the post call which saves the data with the action “navigate back”.

I want to have the data grid refreshed with the new data after saving.

Also “close dialog” does not refresh the data.

Is there a way to call something that refreshes the datasource of the data grid?

Thanks in advance, Markus

I solved this issue by having a “then” after opening the dialog in the click event of the button and additional calling the invoke datasource and set the same property as I have done in the page loaded event. This works for me. maybe this will help other people as well.

Still, Radzen is a great environment!

Cheers, Markus

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Thanks for sharing Markus!