Refresh datagrid on button click: Reload() does nothing

I have a datagrid with a custom date filter. I want to reload the datagrid when I click on a button.
I put on that button click event the "invoke custom method Reload"
It does nothing.
If I click on datagrid column data is correctly refreshed.
Where is the problem?

Most probably the grid is bound in Page Load? If this is the case you can execute awat Load() to get the latest data.

I have tried await load(), it reset also the two datePickers that are bound to a page property

I am doing a very very simple very very basic two date pickers (start date and end date) preloaded with first and last day of current month and a button to reload the datagrid when you change a date.

Not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve however this article might help you:

This article works great! I have more or less the same question. The example sets up two methods and sets them to specific dates with start = DateTime.Parse("01/01/2005") and end = DateTime.Pars("01/01/2010") ... I would like to have start = first day of the current month and end = last day of the current month.

I have looked at several ways to get those two days, but can't seem to get the right DateTime syntax.

Thanks for any help!