Refresh data grid when db data has chaned

I try to update a data grid every minute with new data from database, How can I update the data in the EF context? Database is a MySql Database.

You need to execute the code which populates the property that the DataGrid is bound to.

<RadzenGrid Data=@products  />
<RadzenButton Text="Refresh" Click=@Refresh />

@code {
   IEnumerable<Product> products;
   void Refresh()
        products = myDbService.GetProducts();

This is the same as generated in the Load() methode:

protected async System.Threading.Tasks.Task Load()
        var moTeCa66DbGetScenariosResult = await MoTeCa66Db.GetScenarios();
        getScenariosResult = moTeCa66DbGetScenariosResult;

        var moTeCa66DbGetUsersResult = await MoTeCa66Db.GetUsers();
        getUsersResult = moTeCa66DbGetUsersResult;

        scenarioqueue = new MoTeCa66Gui.Models.MoTeCa66Db.ScenarioQueue(){};

        var moTeCa66DbGetScenarioQueuesResult = await MoTeCa66Db.GetScenarioQueues();
        getScenarioQueuesResult = moTeCa66DbGetScenarioQueuesResult;

  <RadzenGrid @ref="grid0" AllowFiltering="true" AllowPaging="true" AllowSorting="true" Data="@getScenarioQueuesResult" TItem="MoTeCa66Gui.Models.MoTeCa66Db.ScenarioQueue" RowUpdate="@Grid0RowUpdate">

If I call the Load() from button, I see the select statement in vs, but nothing is change in the grid.

@Prefekt I think you can get some useful info from the last few messages on my thread here
where I had similar questions. I was referring to a Stored Procedure, but it doesn't make any difference. Invoke the data source method, and set ${result} to it (again). Note that this will re-query the database, which you usually do not want to do. Generally you'd want to use "await componentname.Reload()" to update the component instead of invoking the table again.


I wonder, if I execute Load(), I see this in the output window:

dotnet: info: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Database.Command[20101]
  Executed DbCommand (12ms) [Parameters=[], CommandType='Text', CommandTimeout='30']
  FROM `scenario_queue` AS `s`

dotnet: info: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Database.Command[20101]
  Executed DbCommand (12ms) [Parameters=[@__p_1='?' (DbType = Int32), @__p_0='?' (DbType = Int32)], CommandType='Text', CommandTimeout='30']
  SELECT `t`.`id`, `t`.`scenarioid`, `t`.`scenariostatus`, `t`.`timestamp`, `t`.`userid`, `s0`.`id`, `s0`.`description`, `s0`.`timestamp`, `u`.`id`, `u`.`active`, `u`.`comment`, `u`.`email`, `u`.`password`, `u`.`roleid`, `u`.`timestamp`, `u`.`username`
  FROM (
      SELECT `s`.`id`, `s`.`scenarioid`, `s`.`scenariostatus`, `s`.`timestamp`, `s`.`userid`
      FROM `scenario_queue` AS `s`
      LIMIT @__p_1 OFFSET @__p_0
  ) AS `t`
  LEFT JOIN `scenario` AS `s0` ON `t`.`scenarioid` = `s0`.`id`
  LEFT JOIN `user` AS `u` ON `t`.`userid` = `u`.`id`

But the data in the datagrid does not change.

@SloSuenos: Thank you for the hints, I will try