Reduce font size of RadzenListBox

How do I reduce the font size of the text in a RadzenListBox? I tried applying style in the style tag but it's eliminated before final render (according to the chrome inspect). The users of our app have the ability to change the font size of the entire system, except the RadzenListBoxes.

Custom CSS rules can be defined in server\wwwroot\assets\css\styles.css. Using your browser you can check what CSS classes are used:

Enchev thank you very much. I was able to add these lines to the top of the component:

    .ui-multiselect-item {
        font-size: @GetFontSizeStyleFromId()

and the font size changes dynamically as the user changes their app font size. :slight_smile: I did not try to put the injection and code into the site.css file. I doubt that specifically would work.

i cannot locate " server\wwwroot\assets\css\styles.css ", does this file always exist in every project or do i have to manually add it somehow?

Yes, if it is generated by Radzen.

Well, i have no "server" folder. I have a "wwwroot" folder, but that has no "assets" folder, the "css" folder is directly under "wwwroot", but that "css" folder does not contain any files named "styles": It does contain a "css" file named "app" though.
Is that the file?

This has been answered in a different thread. No need to discuss it in two places. Closing this one.